Aceites Abril uses different systems to the maximum quality of its products thanks to its commitment to the environment and its dedication to ongoing improvement. The ultimate goal is to prevent and minimise pollution, as well as to promote the recycling, re-use and recovery of the waste materials produced.

The management of non-hazardous waste materials, such as paper, glass, plastic, metal, computer consumables, wood, metal containers, sludge from the purification process, used edible oils, soapy pastes or fatty acids, will always be carried out according to the management priorities set out in Law 10/1998 on Waste Materials, as well as current, economically viable technologies: Re-use, Recycling, Recovery, Elimination

Whenever necessary, authorised suppliers will be requested to pick up non-hazardous waste, ensuring that it is suitably collected and stored whilst it remains on the company’s premises.

The management of hazardous products, such as used oil, contaminated containers, lead batteries, solvents or aerosols will be carried out according to the instructions of IT.M-04-02. Each operator will remove and package the hazardous waste produced at their work station. This waste will then be identified according to the provisions of Royal Decree 833/1988 (as modified by Royal Decree 952/97) and will be stored (for no longer than 6 months) in the waste storage area located in the outer part of the production plant, until it is removed by the authorised waste management company.